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There are probably words to describe to the outside observer the sublime bliss of riding through the foggy Appalachian midnight with my bandmates in a vehicle piled high with instruments, speakers, and clothes, listening to Highway 61 Revisited and talking about the nuances of the just completed show, knowing that the promise of more days of shows and drives awaits on the other side of the night. I don't have those words in me, though, so I'll stick to recapping what we've been up to.

In addition to another run of four shows in three days in two states, last weekend was about taking the chance to update our media presence in the world, with photo and video shoots meant to relay the fact that we are now a trio, with bass and long hair added to the band's auditory and visual palette. My Richmond friend and videographer extraordinaire Zoë Dehmer happened to be back in her hometown of Carrboro between travels farther afield, and agreed to shoot a video for us. So it was that we spent a couple of hours on her beautiful back porch, playing a newer Redleg Husky original and chasing chickens around for B-roll.

A still from the shoot of our new video

Sunday we found ourselves in Boone with Tim and Misa's friend Sarene Cullen shooting some pictures of the three of us on her porch as well as by a beautiful mountain swimming hole nearby. I'd like to think that we can be proud of being a porch band – one that plays down home music in the homiest of settings, or at least takes pictures there.

In between those shoots we played some fun shows, including a late night romp at The Cave in Chapel Hill, and two shows in Virginia. The first of those was at the legendary Floyd Country Store, a tourist attraction but also an honest hub of Americana music. Its stage has been graced in recent years by Old Crow Medicine Show, Tim's hero Bryan Sutton, and many other greats of the roots music world, so we were very excited to be a part of their Americana Afternoons concert series. Sure enough, it was an intimate show in front of a warm audience, and an honor to be a part of.

A great stage, with great sound, at the Floyd Country Store

That night we headed up the road a piece to Callaway Brewing – a beautifully homemade brewing operation in a converted garage that felt like the perfect place to play some heartfelt Appalachian music. People and dogs filled the place up over the course of the evening as the cicadas and the setting summer sun provided the backdrop to our songs. Again, a pleasure, and a perfect way to wrap up the run.

That about covers it for this edition of the Redleg Husky blog. The blog might be on hiatus for a few weeks as I unfortunately have to take my leave of the band for most of August, to wrap up some things back in Richmond, and to go see my sister get married. But I hope that you all will still come out to see Tim and Misa perform, and that you'll tip them when you do. Most of all though I hope that all of you out there have a great month and that I'll have the pleasure of seeing you at a show in September. 

From Georgia, with Love 

Hello again Husky faithful! We're back from a three day Georgia run that saw us entertain a wide range of audiences in Tucker, Augusta, Watkinsville, and Winterville. Part of what appealed to me in joining this recently was their ability both to shake the windows at a dive bar late on a Friday night and to provide some mellow down home music at a Saturday morning farmer's market. This weekend, we did both of those, back to back, and then some.


Taking off from our beloved Blue Ridge

The run started Thursday night at Moonshadow Tavern in the Atlanta suburb of Tucker – a local bar with a full music calendar and the kind of large stage that lets a bassman walk around while anchoring the sound, which I always enjoy. The crowd was diverse but unified in its appreciation of the country rhythms that we sent their way all night long. We were gifted some beautiful handmade artificial flowers, one of which made it into the headband of my new hat, which we all recently decided would look better on me than on Tim, its original owner. Pictures are forthcoming, likely in the form of a Redleg Husky calendar that we'll peddle far and wide.

Friday morning saw us start the day right at a country diner on the side of a numbered road in a named county somewhere in Georgia. Our Couchsurfing host, Michael, brought us there for an authentic experience of southern living, and I for one learned about the perils of ordering first at a table of four people. I went ahead and got the full breakfast special, which turned out to be three plates of biscuits, gravy, sausage, eggs, bacon, ham, and potatoes, after which my fearless companions got the humblest single sandwiches I could have imagined. Still, the choice proved a wise one as I stayed full 'til the next day.

That night we were part of a raucous folk/punk/banjo bill at Joe's Underground in Augusta, with our friend Vilai Harrington being kind enough to set up and promote the show at this new home of the town's music scene. The sounds were loud, the beer was frosty, and the camaraderie was palpable. One of my favorite things about touring is getting glimpses into the enclaves of independent music that exist in towns with emerging music scenes, so it was a pleasure to do just that at Joe's.

Crossing the Savannah River on Saturday morning

After some four hours' sleep we roused ourselves and hit the road again for a beautiful drive through bucolic Saturday morning Georgia. We passed Blind Willie McTell's hometown of Thomson on the way to Oconee Farmer's Market in Watkinsville, outside Athens. We managed to shake off the tiredness and play what was likely our consensus favorite show of the weekend. Something about playing roots music on a summer morning in a small town, surrounded by stands of fresh okra, homemade bread, and the world's friendliest people...bliss.

From there we continued our trip around Athens to the town of Winterville, where we were welcomed by a marquee advertising our show that night at the Front Porch Bookstore. The welcome was just beginning, as we spent the rest of the day being greeted by folks around the small town. Our show on the store's outdoor stage was a perfect conclusion to the day – a muggy evening filled with Tim and Misa's harmonies and a chance for their lyrics to be heard by appreciative ears.


The stage in Winterville, anticipating some boot stomping folk

After the songs were done and the gear was packed, we headed home to Candler, with the sounds of WNCW 88.7 complimenting a little Skynyrd and a little J.J. Cale from my CD collection as we made it back just in time to take long showers and head, gratefully, to sleep. Thanks again to Vilai, Michael, the flower maker in Tucker, and everyone who helped make this weekend such a pleasure! We're back at it tonight, at the Town Pump Tavern in Black Mountain at 9pm. We'd love to see you there.

T-Mac says, 'Have a great week!'




Redleg Husky Blogs Anew! 

Greetings, friends!

Old friends, current friends, and future friends, welcome to the freshly minted Redleg Husky blog, courtesy of the newest Husky, me. My name is Son, I play the bass, and good ole Misa and Tim here have invited me to play the bass and continue to be called Son right alongside them in their wonderful band. So it is that I am moving down from Richmond, Virginia, where I've been playing music for the last two years, to Candler, North Carolina, where I hope to be playing music for many years to come. It's been a warm welcome so far, and a real pleasure practicing, gigging, and living with these two fine folks in these beautiful mountains.

This blog will be a way for all of our friends, family, and the handful of fans we scoop up at each new show to keep up with our adventures as we travel this great country of ours, sharing our songs. Misa and I will take care of the photography duties and I'll do my best to frame those pictures with words. Hopefully we'll all have some laughs along the way, and maybe this blog will help remind you to come out to see us on a stage or in the corner of a bar. Maybe you'll even get up and dance. It's for you these songs are played, after all.

For now, enjoy this picture – the view from our window. The candles, of course, are Tim's.


Ohio Tour This June! 

We are pleased to officially announce our second tour of Ohio! Mark your calendars and come on out to a show or two! The tour starts on June 3rd in Lexington, KY. View our Tour page for more details about each show.