I Know Where the Summer Goes 

Hi friends! Misa here, with a playlist just in time for the heat of the summer. It's been a pretty good one so far - I took a trip to Maine to see my family, two birds built a nest in my window, and I still have an Emmylou Harris/Mary Chapin Carpenter show to look forward to. While I spend the rest of the year mostly listening to sad folk music, summer is a time for alt-country (Wilco’s A.M./Lucinda Williams’ Car Wheels on a Gravel Road for sure). Also, all the Tom Petty. I can confirm - all of these playlist songs work as solid accompaniment to a really sunny day or an afternoon thunderstorm. Below is the YouTube version, but you can also find it on Spotify

There are so many songs that are just right for that time of year when the weather gets warmer and I can finally roll my windows down, but if I had to pick just one, “Noisy Night” is the ultimate summer song for me. I first heard it on Tift Merritt’s old podcast, The Spark, and immediately fell in love. The Indigo Girls’ “Devotion” is a perfect song for hanging out around a campfire. I’m pretty sure that’s how the song started out… Also, singing along to “Frankie’s Gun” is pretty much my favorite thing. Let me know what essential songs I missed!

Maine in the summertime

If you’re still looking for more music, you should pick up a copy of Music in the Mountains, Volume 1! We're honored to be a part of this lovely compilation CD that benefits Boone's Hunger and Health Coalition. It features our song "Katie" along with a bunch of other great tunes from fellow WNC artists. Copies are available at Lost Province Brewing Company in Boone, and other High Country locations!

Summers Are for Touring 

Hello everyone! It's Son the Bassman here on blog duty once again. I just wanted to post a short update on our plans for the coming months, so that we're not the only ones excited for a summer and fall full of shows and travels. In the next two months, we're planning return trips to some of our favorite towns – Boone, Roanoke, Richmond, Charleston, and Raleigh/Durham. In the fall and winter, we've got our first treks to Maryland and to the Deep South on our radar. We'll have updates forthcoming on those last two tours, but for now, here's our full schedule for July and August, both at the bottom of this post and via the 'Tour' tab, above. 

I also want to announce a development that is small in size but big in awesomeness – the release of our brand new stickers, which will be followed by brand new koozies in the weeks to come. These came about as the result of a joke, which came about as the result of a story, which came about as the result of a bit of history. A few months ago, we added the fiddle tune 'The Forked Deer' to our repertoire. Legend has it that it was one of Thomas Jefferson's favorite songs, so we started introducing it on stage as such. That introduction spawned an ever-growing narrative about a young TJ hanging out in his mom's basement, waiting for his friends to come pick him up, zoning out to his favorite music on his headphones. Misa took that and ran with it, drawing up this sweet design, while making a subtle nod to one of our favorite movies: 

Like our previous stickers, these are high quality vinyl from Sticker Robot, the finest sticker people in the sticker game. Unlike our previous stickers, these are pre-cut on the back, so peeling them off is a breeze. Also like our previous stickers, we're offering up these sweet pieces of art for free at our shows, which means they can be yours soon. Now, to tie everything together in a brilliant conclusion to this blog post, here's where you can see us in the months to come, and where you can get yourself a sticker, or five, while listening to the very fiddle tune that inspired the whole tale: 

6/29 - 5 Walnut Wine Bar, Asheville, NC 5pm 
6/30 - Town Pump Tavern, Black Mountain, NC 9pm 
7/1 - Sycamore Brewing, Charlotte, NC 5:30pm 
7/2 - Catawba Brewing, Asheville, NC 3:30pm 
7/2 - Velo Fellow, Greenville, SC 9:30pm 

7/7 – Table Restaurant, Boone, NC 6pm 
7/8 – Old Hampton Store, Linville, NC 12pm 
7/8 – Lost Province Brewing, Boone, NC 7:30pm 
7/9 – Watauga County Farmer's Market, Boone, NC 9am 
7/9 – Hotel Tavern, West Jefferson, NC 6pm 

7/13 – One World Brewing, Asheville, NC 8pm 
7/14 – Pedalin' Pig, Boone, NC 6pm 
7/15 – Sycamore Brewing, Charlotte, NC 5:30pm 
7/16 – Yee Haw Brewing, Johnson City, TN 8pm 

7/20 – The Joint Next Door, Fairview, NC 7pm 
7/21 – BoneFire Smokehouse, Abingdon, VA 8pm 
7/22 – Soaring Ridge Brewing, Roanoke, VA 6pm 
7/23 – Blue Bee Cider, Richmond, VA 2pm 
7/23 – Triple Crossing Brewing, Richmond, VA 7:30pm 
7/24 – Saude Creek Vineyards, Lanexa, VA 2pm 

7/28 – Oskar Blues Brewing, Brevard, NC 6pm 
7/29 – Sycamore Brewing, Charlotte, NC 5:30pm 
7/30 – Linville Falls Winery, Linville, NC 2pm 
7/30 – Innovation Brewing, Sylva, NC 9pm 
7/31 – Barley's Taproom, Asheville, NC 7:30pm 

8/3 – Awendaw Barn Jam, Awendaw, SC 7pm 
8/4 – Tail Race Tavern, Moncks Corner, SC 8pm 
8/5 – Holy City Brewing, Charleston, SC 5:30pm 
8/6 – Tattooed Moose, John's Island, SC 3pm 
8/7 – The Dinghy, Isle of Palms, SC 6pm 

8/10 – One World Brewing, Asheville, NC 8pm 
8/11 – Table Restaurant, Boone, NC 6pm 
8/12 – Barley's Taproom, Spindale, NC 8pm 
8/13 – Pub 319, Waynesville, NC 9pm 
8/14 – Bhramari Brewhouse, Asheville, NC 1pm 

8/17 – The Joint Next Door, Fairview, NC 7pm 
8/18 – French Broad Brewing, Asheville NC 6pm 
8/19 – Sycamore Brewing, Charlotte, NC 5:30pm 
8/20 – Grandfather Vineyards, Banner Elk, NC 1pm 
8/20 – Innovation Brewing, Sylva, NC 9pm 

8/24 – Straightaway Cafe, Black Mountain, NC 6pm 
8/25 – Blue Mountain Pizza, Weaverville, NC 7pm 
8/26 – Sycamore Brewing, Charlotte, NC 5:30pm 
8/27 – Blue Ghost Brewing, Fletcher, NC 7pm 
8/28 – Sanctuary Brewing, Hendersonville, NC 3pm 

8/31 – Foothills Brewing, Winston-Salem, NC 8pm 
9/1 – Ruckus Pizza, Raleigh, NC 8:30pm 
9/2 – Sycamore Brewing, Charlotte, NC 5:30pm 
9/3 – Legion Brewing, Charlotte, NC 8pm 
9/4 – Apple Festival, Hendersonville, NC 12:30pm 
9/4 – Bold Rock Cider, Mills River, NC 4pm

Tim's Take - Seriously, Don't Give the Bass Player Waffles 

The time has finally come for me to share a recap of Husky adventures from my perspective.  It might not include all the big fancy words that Misa loves employing or the comedic tone Son is so adept at, but I’ll give this thing my best shot.  Now, let’s pick back up where we left off. 

May treated us well.  We welcomed in Misa’s 26th year with some country karaoke at West Asheville’s Double Crown, and performed at new venues close to home and in what seems to be our second home, Virginia.  At the Dogtown Roadhouse in Floyd, VA, we played our hearts out as folks danced the night away, and at the Twin Oaks Community in Louisa, we played for what might have been the most attentive crowd ever.  There were definitely nerves by all accounts that night, but it sure felt good to have an audience listen so intently.  Other memorable shows from May included performing at MAD Anthony’s birthday party in Waynesville and performing as part of Hendersonville’s Garden Jubilee Festival in their Streetside Serenade. Starting a Sunday picking and singing on the street of downtown Hendersonville, while festival goers slow their stroll to listen… good times. 

Tuning up for the Red Barn Radio

Despite May and her flowers, this past weekend was one of the most action packed we’ve had in awhile.  On Wednesday, we returned to the Red Barn Radio in Lexington, KY and on Thursday we played our first real venue show in Lexington at Al’s Bar.  I think Son takes the cake for having the best time that night, as we watched him dance to the Restless Leg String Band for a good hour after we played.  And yes, everyone, I’ve heard your requests to give him a few dance lessons, lord knows he could use it. 

I was so elated on Friday night, when we were welcomed back to my hometown of Cincinnati by friends and family that packed the house at the Crow’s Nest.  Irish Car-bombs were had, as well as a great night of music.  Saturday morning was a little rough though: getting on the road at 6am to make it to Pittsburgh for a festival after an all night long show in Cincinnati is a turn around we are not itching to do again anytime soon.  However, it was all worth it, as the Three River’s Arts Festival did not disappoint.  Redleg Husky went to the big city that day, playing on a stage amidst skyscrapers for a wonderful crowd.  We wrapped up the tour with a show in the beautiful Marietta, OH that night, and at Bold Rock in Mills River, NC on Sunday.

 Strolling the streets of Marietta, OH

While things slow down a little in June for the trio, Son and I have some duo shows lined up in the WNC area if anyone is itching for their acoustic roots fill.  Check out the show tab for dates! 

Also, it is time for the second Husky playlist, created by yours truly.  While Son started things off with a mix of funk, soul, and rock and roll sure to awaken the inner rhythm section, I chose to get a little historical.  My goal of this playlist is show how intertwined blues, country, and jazz were back in the day.  I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to this stuff, but really think it is so cool! Below is a little info for each track if you're interested:  

  1. While the first track is by the “Queen of the Blues,” Bessie Smith, and the second by the “Father of Country Music,” Jimmie Rodgers, they share similarities, especially since Louis Armstrong plays on both tracks. 
  2. *see above* 
  3. The “King of Western Swing” - Bob Wills!  I chose this song, not only because Bob Wills added jazz elements to create his new sound, but also because Chuck Berry’s big hit “Maybellene” is known to be an adaptation of this song.  It all comes full circle again and again. 
  4. While “All of Me” is a jazz standard, country fans might recognize this song as a Willie Nelson hit - Willie will be the first to admit he loved him some jazz. 
  5. This song is an attempt to highlight my point in #4 - “Autumn Leaves” is another jazz standard, this time played by Hank Garland, one of the most influential country guitarists of the 20th Century. 
  6. The guitar artistry of Chet Atkins, enough said…. 
  7. I chose a T-Bone Walker song because I hear jazz elements in his blues, and his song “Stormy Monday,” is akin to what “T for Texas” was to Jimmie Rodgers. 
  8. Early B.B. King.  One of his biggest influences and a reason he said he got his guitar and was inspired to start playing was hearing T-Bone’s “Stormy Monday.” 
  9. Not going to lie - I just love Muddy Waters and this song is one of my favorites. 
  10. I figured I’d follow the Mud with some Hank.  Talk about two pioneers and pivotal 20th Century artists. 

Hope you enjoy and can hear how these folks all inspired generations of musicians to come, especially the one whose words you hopefully just read. 

See you soon! 


An Album, A Giveaway, A Playlist, A Canal, Panama 

Hello there, Redheads! It seems we've been so busy playing music that we haven't had much time to write about playing music, but here she is again, the Redleg blog, with some exciting updates. 

First, a recap: since we last wrote, we've logged hundreds of miles, returning to the Raleigh/Durham triangle and to Virginia, playing our first ever show in Winston-Salem, and getting to know Greenville, SC a little better with multiple shows down there. Locally, we've been welcoming Spring to the mountains with a number of outdoor shows on some beautiful tree-lined stages. 

The most beautiful of stages, at Sierra Nevada Brewing in Fletcher, NC

The biggest news of the season, as you hopefully already know, has been the release of our new album, My Old Heart. We recorded it back in October of 2015 at Dirt Floor Studios in Haddam, Connecticut, with Eric Lichter and his team contributing their talents in both production and musicianship, adding pedal steel, piano, organ, drums, and backing vocals to our ten original songs. Philadelphia-based artist Meg Lemieur complimented the tunes with an exquisite visual design, that we're proud to also feature on our new t-shirts. If you haven't heard the record yet, you can always buy a CD at one of our shows, find it under the Music tab of our site, or get it through Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, or Bandcamp

Speaking of CDs and shirts, we're excited to be bringing to you all our first ever social media giveaway contest. Trek over to our Facebook page for the details, but basically, those of you that share our album with your friends on Facebook between now and May 20th will be entered into a drawing to win a complete Redleg Husky merch package – a shirt, CD copies of both of our albums, a drink koozie, and two stickers. We'll post a video on the 20th with the results, and contact the winner to get them their sweet swag! 

Swag that could be yours, for free!

Back in the music department, we had the idea to share with our Redleg family more of the music that we're listening to and that inspires us, since we're all constantly discovering music we haven't heard before and sharing it with each other on the long drives between shows. So, we've decided to take turns making regular playlists to share here and via Facebook, with the inaugural edition coming courtesy of your favorite bass player and blog author. Here it is, One Playlist Under a Groove, a mix of funk, soul, and rock and roll sure to awaken your inner rhythm section: 

With all that in print, there's nothing left to do but update you on our upcoming shows. We've got another Virginia run this weekend, some great Western North Carolina dates, and then a return to Kentucky and Ohio, plus an appearance at Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Arts Festival, where the headliner is none other than one of our all-time musical heroes, David Grisman. Check out the full calendar under our Shows tab, and we'll see y'all out there!

5/11 – One World Brewing, Asheville, NC 8pm 
5/12 – Blue Mountain Pizza, Weaverville, NC 7pm 
5/13 – Dogtown Roadhouse, Floyd, VA 8pm 
5/14 – World of Beer, Charlottesville, VA 8pm 
5/15 – Blue Mountain Brewing, Afton, VA 2:30pm 
5/15 – Twin Oaks Community, Louisa, VA 8pm

5/18 – The Joint Next Door, Fairview, NC 7pm 
5/19 – Oskar Blues Brewing, Brevard, NC 6pm 
5/20 – Moe's BBQ, Woodfin, NC 6pm 

5/27 – Tipping Point Tavern, Waynesville, NC 9pm 
5/28 – Fonta Flora Brewing, Morganton, NC 3pm 
5/28 – Mad Anthony's, Waynesville, NC 8pm 
5/29 – Garden Jubilee, Hendersonville, NC 12:30pm 
5/29 – Dark City Deli, Black Mountain, NC 4pm 

6/1 - Red Barn Radio, Lexington, KY 8pm 
6/2 – Al's Bar, Lexington, KY 10pm 
6/3 – The Crow's Nest, Cincinnati, OH 9:30pm 
6/4 – Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, PA 12pm 
6/4 – Marietta Brewing, Marietta, OH 10pm 
6/5 – Bold Rock Cider, Mills River, NC 4pm 

6/8 – One World Brewing, Asheville, NC 8pm 
6/9 – Table Restaurant, Boone, NC 6pm 
6/10 – Sycamore Brewing, Charlotte, NC 5:30pm 
6/11 – Backyard Bar, Black Mountain, NC 9:30pm

Don't Give the Bass Player Waffles! 

If only there was enough space on the Internet to fit all of the stories that our weekends on the road conceive. Unfortunately, limits exist to what we can offer you fair readers, so we must simply thank Virginia for her hospitality, forgive her those March snows, and move on to announcements and pronouncements for the fine days that we hope you all will share with us in the weeks to come. 

First and foremost, we want to extend an invitation to all of you to our official album release show, which will take place on April 13th at One World Brewing, in the heart of Asheville. Our dear friend Carly Taich will be kicking the night off with a set of original folk-pop, so this is guaranteed to be a night you do not want to miss. Our t-shirts, featuring Meg Lemieur's amazing album art, will be available for the first time as well. 

For all you Virginia Redheads, our VA album release show is scheduled for April 23rd at Garden Grove Brewing in Richmond. That show will cap off a full day of River City festivities, including our performance at the Third Annual Bluegrass and Brews Festival. Near the start of that fest, yours truly, Son the Bassman, will meet a watery fate with a turn at the dunk tank, giving all you Richmonders a chance to dunk me for a good cause, the Highland Support Project

Richmond is also where My Old Heart made its radio debut a couple of weeks ago, with the lead track, 'Katie,' being played on the Lost Music Saloon on WRIR 97.3 FM. That's been just the beginning, with our autobiographical 'Broken Down, Busted Flat' showing up on the Americana Music Show alongside some of our favorite songwriters' new records. Another airing is scheduled for March 29th, on WTJU Charlottesville's Eclectic Woman program, with more NC radio play to be announced soon. 

Besides all that, we've got some exciting pre-release shows to mention, including our set at UNCA's Echofest and our online show through Concert Window, which will be available for live streaming on April 10th. 

Keep up with our Instagram feed for the latest and greatest in Husky news, come out on April 13th, and check us out even sooner, all around NC: 

3/24 – Lookout Brewing, Black Mountain, NC 6:30pm 
3/25 – Straightaway Cafe, Black Mountain, NC 6pm 
3/26 – UNCA Echofest, Asheville, NC 3:45pm 
3/26 – Barley's Taproom, Spindale, NC 8pm 

3/30 – Foothills Brewing, Winston-Salem, NC 8pm 
3/31 – Ruckus Pizza, Raleigh, NC 8:30pm 
4/1 – Mystery Brewing, Hillsborough, NC 8:30pm 
4/2 – Quest Brewing, Greenville, SC 6pm 
4/3 – Saint Paul Mountain Vineyards, Hendersonville, NC 2:30pm 

4/8 – The Velo Fellow, Greenville, SC 9:30pm 
4/9 – Fonta Flora Brewing, Morganton, NC 3pm 
4/10 – Concert Window Show Live Stream 3:30pm 
4/10 – Blue Mountain Pizza, Weaverville, NC 7pm 

4/13 – Album Release at One World, Asheville, NC 8pm 
4/15 – Sycamore Brewing, Charlotte, NC 6pm 
4/16 – The Hotel Tavern, West Jefferson, NC 6pm